Backloading Interstate Removalists



Moving? Confused? Discount Backloading hopes to be able to remove the confusion and make your move run as smoothly as possible.

No Fuss, and on budget.

Backloads available almost everyday from all large towns and cities.

Its not easy trying to work out how to move your stuff interstate, do i hire a truck, or perhaps sell it all and start again.

We think we have the perfect solution, get a backload.

This will save you time and money, and no you are not expected to help load the truck, this service is all done for you

Why would you try any other option?


Our office staff are experienced in the removal industry and will know your move from start to finish.

If you need to move we can help, with 1 days notice or 2 months, just give us a try.


Looking for a backloading service that provides the following ?

  • Door to door service
  • Fully equipped Furniture removal trucks and containers
  • Experienced Removalists.
  • Helpful Staff

Not easy is it! Until now that is:

We have over 40 years experience in the removals industry and would like to assist you with any size backload or removal throughout Australia.
We will provide assistance at all times throughout your move, from the first contact you have with us right through to when your furniture is delivered.
To enable us to quote on your upcoming move we will need an inventory of your goods.

To grab a free quote BACKLOADING QUOTES


Whilst we can always help with short notice moves. the more time you give yourself the more chance of obtaining the service you want with no hassles on moving day.

It is essential that you, the customer, retain control of your removal.
To do this you must make some homework before you make your enquires.

When you call, you may be bewildered at the various choices that you cannot absorb quickly, or be equally bewildered by the virtual lack of information because the removalist expects you to state what you want.
Spend a little time writing down what you want, and how flexible you can be.

At the end of the day the best backloading price will be available based on list of items being moved, the more you move the more it costs, so try to ensure you get the best price for your move by only taking what you need.

To get your quote please CLICK HERE

There are 2 main advantages to backloading and these will save you money and saving your time

This service is great for clients who are in the only moving a few items, and are happy to share the space on a truck.

Just like the majority of removals companies, we incorporates more than one moving job on one truck when traveling to the same place and there is almost always space available

You could save a bunch of your relocating budget when you make use of our  backloading services.

Does this mean your furniture is treated any differently?


Don’t listen to other removalists that tell you tales on backloading companies

Nothing is any different, apart from the fact that you are only paying for space taken in one direction.

Backloaders do this on a daily basis and we can assure you that the service is as good, and sometimes even better than your local guys.

Why? because a local removalist specialises in moving furniture and boxes around the corner or across town, and to be honest even a very average removalist can do that without any damages.

It takes experience to provide a great service for moving furniture sometimes over 1000’s of kilometers.

So are your ready to arrange a backload removalist?


Simply complete an online moving quote form here ONLINE QUOTE

This form will ask a few questions, like where you are moving to and from, what type of house you are moving out of, and of course what items you need to move

Once we have this we will have your quote back to you within an hour Monday to Friday, and within 2- 3  hours on a weekend.

To experience our premium service, contact us now get a quote and move to your new home easily!